Please look at the below options and choose the correct link for registering in 2012.

If you have registered for 2012 and now need to pay your registration fees please follow the below links for the appropriate competition and age group (KDSA MENS - see below)
When you have reached the Northbridge Football Club Online Registration Section 
1. Click  [Re Register a Player]. 
2. Enter details to locate player. 
3. Once in the players registration make sure all details are correct then click on update player at the end of the page.
4. This will then take you to you back to the first page of the on-line registration system. There are 4 options along the top of the page, the 3rd says Payment Arrangements. Click on here and that should let you start the payment process.

* KDSA U6 - U18  register here for 2012 KDSA Competition -    CLICK HERE 

* KDSA Womens register here for 2012 KDSA Competiton  -    CLICK HERE

* KDSA Mens register here for 2012 KDSA Competition - Thank you for your patience in trialling the new MyFootballClub system.
For Registering Please read this MFC Self Registration Instruction Sheet and register by clicking here.

After you have registered in MyFootballClub, your details will be updated on our competition system overnight. Then you will be sent an email from our competition system with a payment link and the RESET password for this system at the bottom of the email. Use the RESET password to process your payment.  (This email may go to your junk mail).
If you cannot find this email then you will need to logon to the KDSA Registration System (click here), check your details and follow instructions to pay.(You may need to reset your password).

* State League Registration
SL Boys/Mens -  click here for more details
SL Girls/Women - registration has been completed.

* Academy Registration register here for 2012 -  CLICK HERE
Register your child in the appropriate age group (U8, U9, U10, U11 or U12). 
Please make a note of your child's current team/squad (e.g. U10 PDP) in the Players' Comment box under Player Details.

* 2012 High Performance Holiday Camps register here - (only linked when registrations open)

* High Perfomance Off Season Training register here- (only linked when registrations open)